Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lost Society - Fast Loud Death Review

Lost Society - Fast Loud Death [Thrash Metal]

This album has had my jar dropping and head throbbing so many times. This album, isn't necessarily a classic, but is one of the strongest thrash albums to come out in recent times.

It's hard to assess this album until setting the scope of thrash metal first; lots and lots of guitar riffs, tasteful riffs, not chugging or space-filling riffs like those of djent descend, fast groovy drums and a lot of energy. This has been the basis of thrash metal in the last three decades, and the reason for stagnation in the genre once bands failed to push beyond the boundaries. Some recent bands did; the progressive flair in Vektor, or the overtechnical display of guitar playing by Revocation. Some bands didn't innovate but had the essence of early thrash, like Havok. And for those who immensely enjoyed Havok, Lost Society is going to be your new drug.

Band leader Samy Elbanna sounds like the bastard child of Tom Araya and Dave Mustaine, channeling the rough barks of the former and the melodic rasps of the latter with exceptional ease, and he and Arttu Lesonen are no slouches on the guitar either; there is not a single song with bad riffs on this album. Yes. No filler. Ossi Paananen is not exceptionally spectacular on drums but he has the right thrash essence (save for Dave Lombardo, there has never been a need for creative, progressive drummers in thrash metal anyway). Mirko Lehtinen is surprisingly audible on the bass, and his basslines are groovy and precise, and he does counter the riffs at numerous instances, none of which I may single out because there is quite honestly no bad song on the album.

Add to that the essence of thrash, the music has a lot of youthfulness to it. A bit of immaturity and a whole lot of energy, this isn't music to think over or ponder upon. This instant headbanging material, one not exactly new but so heartfelt and rich, it's the most infectious album to come out in a while.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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