Monday, 27 May 2013

Megadeth - Super Collider Review

Megadeth - Super Collider [Hard Rock]

The new Megadeth album is not even a thrash metal release.

The entire album chugs at mid-tempo with Dave Mustaine trying his best to sound like David Draiman (who also stars in the song 'Dance In The Rain' and 'Forget to Remember'), despite age and vocal limitations. They aren't memorable riffs, as the emphasis on the album is radio-friendly rock. I will talk about good things first: the album has possibly the best production Megadeth has had in their career. The bass and drums are very pronounced and the highs and mids of the guitars sound clear and clean.

The problem now, is that the vocals are pushed all the way to the front. Dave Mustaine's vocals. Conversely, David Draiman sounds like his voice was recorded by an iPhone on 'Dance In The Rain', what the intention was I will never know. 'Don't Turn Your Back...' is possibly the fastest song on this album, for fans who like the thrash metal element of Megadeth.

This album is a commercial album. The songs are so tame and lack anger that it is hilarious, painful to listen to. Chris Broderick's solos are forgettable finger exercises that execute speed but completely lack emotion. He drops a solo on every song and the worst part is that they don't even fit in with the new friendly rock sound (think 80s hard rock with the motivational lyrics and nonsense solos). One of the songs even feature a goddamn banjo ('The Blackest Crow'). Dave Mustaine is on his worst ego trip on this album, singing alongside Bon Jovi riffs. Shawn Drover is having the time of his life playing slow, simple rhythms. The album's only saving grace, is David Ellefson's bass. It loud and groovy, but who can honestly shut out the rest of the music and isolate the bass?

This album is mediocre at best. Megadeth's reformation peaked at Endgame, which wasn't even a complete success with half the album as filler. The album is too slow, and that itself isn't the problem, but Megadeth can't pull off slow, melodic songs. Definitely not with Dave Mustaine's vocals. If you like this album, you're better off just listening to 90s arena rock, because that's certainly better than this rubbish. Just listen to the Thin Lizzy cover, 'Cold Sweat'. It's the only good song on the album (and it wasn't written by them)


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