Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dust Bolt - Violent Demolition Review

Dust Bolt - Violent Demolition [Thrash Metal]

Amidst the sudden craze in thrash metal recently is yet another new fresh-faced band that has all the vital elements of thrash that make for a roaring good time.

Production is nice and thick, finding a fine compromise between space and warmth to create a large wall of sound, though as with all modern production, the bass gets lost in the mix and makes brief appearances only when the guitars are breathing. However, this common mistake is well covered guitar-wise, with every of the nine songs having chockful of crunchy beefy riffs.

Vocals are very standard, I do not have anything to say about them. The drummer, whilst working very hard on the excellent pacing of Violent Demolition, stands out very little in a genre founded upon drum wizardry as a key element in the music. Song-writing wise, the tracks are fully fleshed out in their own courses, but the effect is long-lasting.

To be exact, Violent Demolition is an excellent album, with every thing just right to make an album worth four stars. But personally, the tracks do not stick in your head as well as choruses from bands such as Revocation, Havok or even more recently, Testament, do. Also, the blandness of the rhythm section is a slight error that goes a long way because thrash metal is suddenly being revived and this young band faces extremely stiff competition from their peers. Dust Bolt sounds like Kreator at many intervals, which is not a bad thing, but they need to find their own identity if they want to find a place among the the modern thrash metal elite.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Average - Half of album is listenable

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