Monday, 6 May 2013

Device - Device Review

Device - Device [Exactly-the-same-as-Disturbed 'Industrial']

As to why David Draiman would put Disturbed on hiatus to create a band and make an album that sounds exactly like Disturbed simply confuses me.

Right off the bat; the sound is so slow and chugging it's infuriating. David Draiman tries to do soulful melodic singing, but it's dry and flat. Sadly, he screams less on this album, not a surprise since he has stopped screaming since Disturbed's The Sickness.  The guitar sound is weak from Geno Lenardo, its boring and uninpsired as hell.

There are special guests on record, but most sound forced and failed. Serj Tankian, one of my favourite childhood singers, sounds COMPLETELY out of place on 'Out Of Line' and the bass from Terry Butler doesn't do anything to save the song. The only time Serj Tankian sounds interesting is when he does background vocals towards the end of the song (and on a side-note, Serj you still sound good). Lzzy Hale guests on the Ozzy Osbourne cover 'Close My Eyes' and ironically enough, Draiman sounds better than her. Tom Morello's guitar solo on 'Opinion' is all but a few seconds long but worth the entire song itself. Weirdly enough, the best vocal contributions here were Glen Hughes (though like Serj, the contrast between his high voice and the music didn't really work out) and more surprisingly, M. Shadows on 'Haze'. His baritone goes perfectly hand in hand with the low pitched guitar and he provides one of the few interesting moments on this album.

Other than that? None of the songs are actually memorable. David Draiman's song-writing is unbelievably blunt and pathetic, with almost every chorus having the same uplifting tune as that from Disturbed's older song 'Stricken'. I have always thought of him as a monotonous singer (because, past his gorgeous tone, his vocal range is a joke) and this album does nothing to change my opinion. Talk about a major flop. Also, David Draiman assumes that whatever he does on this album is industrial.

This is industrial. Device is not. To quote

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

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