Saturday, 17 November 2012

Rihanna - Unapologetic Review

Rihanna - Unapologetic [Pop]


'We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky!' is enough for Beatles fans to tear their hairs out in horror with the modern treatment of the 60 seminal hit. Another one of those cases where the artiste has no variety and decides to use her own life as a source of inspiration, the whole album draws its themes from Rihanna's on-off relationship with Chris Brown and its formula is running thin being spread on the last two of the singer's albums. What's new to review? With David Guetta in production, the sounds are thin, processed and downright hideous. As to why artistes even bother to express sadness and confusion over happy sounds, when it is obviously this juxtaposition that removes any complexity the artiste 'intends' to convey, continues to elude me. Not that I am against this style of music, Kanye West managed to turn his partial biopic into a compelling, convincing work of varied art in 2010's My Dark Twist Fantasy.

On the other hand, Rihanna's latest sees the same overused disco beats, dark imagery which is highly watered down compared to the more depressing releases I have heard this year, and the attention grabbing inclusion of her ex-lover Chris Brown on 'Nobody's Business'. Add to that the effects-laden stacatto vocals employed in the songs to give it an attitude factor, a complete failure in view of the singer's clearly apparent inflexibility in other genres. Elements of rock and raggae and even trance make their way into the soundscape but do nothing to change your opinion of the cookie-cutter songs, they are too safe (the guitar solo in 'What Now' was unnecessary). 

Themes and lyrics? Exploring your sick fantasy with bad boys is fine if it's one song but if it envelopes an entire album of 17 songs, it is not just tiring, it is sickening. No song sticks out, nothing new will ever come from artistes whose only intention is to stick to the Billboard Top 40, which is responsible for plastic, uninspired songs of the modern world.

☆☆☆☆☆ For barbarians and bimbos

P.S: Eminem, stop guest staring in these artistes' work and retire at once, goddamit.

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